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Our Services

At CashBack Capital, we believe that the best way to achieve long-term value for our clients is through service tailored to individual clients and transactions as well as through responsive execution.  We work closely with each client to deliver personalized service firstly by ensuring we fully understand their needs and expectations.  Exhaustively exploring your needs, our experienced staff are able to carefully and completely provide you with end-to-end solutions.  Further, as a one-stop finance provider, we strive to build trusting relationships that extend beyond the immediate transaction or engagement with us.


We accept placements of funds for 3-month, 6-month and 1-year fixed tenors.  Offering attractive and sustainable interest rates on these funds, clients are guaranteed of payment of generous returns on their investment – with their principal amounts also protected.  Based on client preference, interest on funds can be paid monthly, quarterly, bi-annually or annually.  Our product bears the following features:

  • The minimum amount to invest by small businesses is GHS3,000.00 (three thousand Ghana cedis) and GHS1,000.00 (one thousand Ghana cedis) for individuals.
  • Our investment officers will help you pick the most-suited tenor for your investment – based on your investment objectives – at a negotiated rate.
  • Depositors are always guaranteed interest rates above the corresponding Treasury bill rate of their preferred tenor of investment.
  • The distinctiveness of our investment products is that clients can, on the back of their cash placements, borrow up to 200% of the sum of their principal plus interest (at maturity).
  • You receive a Certificate of Deposit for each investment


We pursue a focused campaign in encouraging clients to adopt a savings culture.  This is done through the triggering of capital formation by beneficiary enterprises via commitment-based products that encourage savings or by dissuading/limiting withdrawals to help them meet their savings goals and objectives.

  1. SaveFlex Accounts

For business clients or microenterprises, it is important to set aside – on a regular basis – part of daily sales into this savings account.  The money accumulated can then be used to cover business expansion, emergencies or as partial collateral to secure loans that we can advance.  We offer two variants of the SaveFlex Account:

SaveFlex Expansion/Nkosuo Account

  • Operates as a Susu account
  • A minimum of GHS5 is required as daily contributions
  • Competitive interest rates applied monthly
  • Regular deposits for 2 months qualifies client for a loan of up to 150% of contributions
  • A special passbook is provided with detailed account information.

SaveFlex Reserve Account

  • To meet exigencies
  • Regular deposits made into the account – at least once monthly
  • Pledge to make zero withdrawals within the first 6 months
  • Competitive interest rates applied monthly
  • Compounded amount at the end of first 6 months can partially collaterize a loan
  • A special passbook is provided with detailed account information
  1. SaveFlex Plus Account

For self-employed individuals and employees, it is imperative to set aside enough money that covers basic living for, at least, up to three months.  This money should be kept in an easily-accessible savings account – a feature of our SaveFlex Plus Account.  Money for short-term purchases and emergencies (such as unexpected medical bills, a bereavement or job loss) can be withdrawn from this account.  Withdrawals from this account are limited to a maximum of two per month to make the achievement of the savings objective more realistic.

  • To meet short-term needs
  • Regular deposits to be made into the account – at least once monthly
  • Pledge to make no more than two withdrawals per month
  • Competitive interest rates applied monthly
  • Necessary for workers who would require personal loans
  • A special passbook is provided with detailed account information

Efie Asem Savings Account

Ghanaians permanently-resident abroad now have the savings account they have long yearned for.  Offering a combination of hassle-free benefits, the Efie Asem Account is primarily for the Ghanaian who (i) has to meet regular Ghana Cedi expenses in Ghana; (ii) needs to have GHS available when they visit Ghana; (iii) wants to diversify their investment portfolios and (iv) may need a personal loan at some point to cover expenses such as buying a property or clearing items from the port.  Features of this account include:

  • Regular deposits to be made into the account – at least once monthly
  • Very competitive interest rates offered
  • Pledge to make no more than two withdrawals monthly
  • Power of Attorney can be given to one person in Ghana to operate account
  • Standing instructions can be given to make regular payments out of the account
  • Regular deposits for at least 6 months qualify account holder for a loan
  • On-line statements will be made available to all account holders

Documentation Required for Savings Accounts

For Individuals

  • Completed application form duly signed off
  • Identification (ID) document – NHIS Card, Driving Licence, Voter ID, Passport etc
  • House address verification – utility bill, rent agreement (in lieu)
  • 2 passport pictures

For Registered Entities

  • Completed application form duly signed off
  • Identification (ID) documents of all signatories, directors and shareholders
  • House address verification of all signatories, directors and shareholders
  • 2 passport pictures of all signatories, directors and shareholders
  • Copy of business entity’s registration forms

LOANS – making your business fit for growth

CashBack Capital offers affordable and flexible loans to SMEs, microenterprises and workers struggling with not only access to credit but also the right loan structure that works best for them.  It is one of our objectives to improve the financial literacy of borrowing clients while also building up the capacity of these businesses to enable them grow along their value chains.

Loans will be made available to viable microenterprises, groups, SMEs and to individuals/workers with recognizable and regular sources of current and future income.

SME and Microenterprise Loans (Mpuntuo)

These loans are availed to businesses that are viable and in need of working capital for expansion, duty financing, pre- and post-shipment financing as well as receivables discounting.  Importers, exporters, vendors, traders and artisans will be given structured loans that match their operating cycle profile.

  • Clients should have an existing savings or investment account with CashBack Capital
  • At least 2 months of savings is required to qualify for a loan
  • Loan amount will be up to 200% of deposits held with us
  • Loans will be availed for tenors of up to 12 months
  • Loan repayments are monthly
  • Client will need to provide collateral (determined by their type of business)
  • 24-hour approval for successful loan applications

Group Lending (Ejuma Boafo)

The basic features of our Group Loans are:

  • Providing loans to identifiable micro-entrepreneurs in groups (between 5 to 10 persons)
  • Each group shall be trained for 4 weeks before any disbursements are made
  • Group members shall open individual savings accounts or a Group savings account
  • The aggregate amount contributed by members determines the loan amount availed
  • Loans shall be repaid over a period of up to 6 months.

Personal Loans

These are financing schemes with public-sector workers, private-sector employees and self-employed individuals to enable them meet pressing contingencies such as paying rent, medical bills, bereavement expenses or procuring home appliances and equipment through hire-purchase arrangements with supermarkets.  The personal loan scheme covers pay-day loans, bereavement loans, educational loans, auto loans, home improvement loans among others.

The basic features of the personal loan arrangements are:

  • Workers must be confirmed in their employment
  • A guarantor is required
  • Proof of income to be provided – for e.g. salary slips
  • Upon receipt of requisite documentation, CashBack Capital will avail loans within 24 hours
  • Loan tenors of up to 6 months
  • Very competitive pricing