CashBack Capital Microfinance Limited (CashBack Capital) is a finance company registered and licensed by the Bank of Ghana.  We provide investment, personal loans as well as microfinance (i.e. microcredit and microsavings) services to individuals, small groups in business and to SMEs.

CashBack Capital’s seasoned and well-qualified team of professionals has the requisite experience and dedication to provide comprehensive advisory services across a broad range of sectors.  Further, we offer free upskilling and capacity-building workshops to our clients – setting us apart in the market.  We create solid relationships through personalized service and work with you to achieve exceptional results.

Investments at CashBack


We offer competitive and attractive Treasury Bill-indexed yields on various Fixed Deposit products to meet all your investment objectives.  We offer flexible tenors for your placements as well as give you the choice of when your interest, upon maturity, would be paid – be it quarterly, bi-annually or annually.  Your funds are secure with us and you can rest assured of always having your CashBack.

Savings at CashBack


Saving money is not easy, but it is essential to achieving financial well-being and securing your future.  Whatever your financial goals might be – short-term, medium-term or long-term – you have a better chance of achieving them if you always ensure you pay yourself first before meeting other expenses.  And that is savings – putting some money away on a regular basis into a safe nest.  There is no better time than NOW to start.


Leveraging on our insights and hands-on experience in the areas of businesses’ operating cycles, funding gaps and cashflow timing differences as well as individual needs, we offer customised loan products that just not look to avail credit lines but are tailored and structured to meet the peculiarities of each client. We CashBack you every step of the way